Aspects Care Homes

Aspects Care Homes provides services to people with Mental Health needs such as depression, self-harm, arson and forensic backgrounds.  We cater for Males only aged 18-65.

Each service user will have a personalised care package that is compiled through our assessment and referral process. This is tailored to meet the needs of each individual.  We strive to complete a life skills program to enable the individual to live as independently as possible which will in turn allow them to move onto supported living and then out into the community.

Aspects Care Homes believe, that in addition to the basic necessities of life, everyone has the right to safety, security, respect and the provision of good quality culturally sensitive services, combined with a real commitment to offer the highest degree of flexibility a service is able to offer. To ensure our services are second to none we employ staff who are suitably qualified or are willing to train to the high standards we have set and involve the client in the recruitment process.  We like all our homes to be family orientated and welcoming.  They are furnished to a high standard and are regularly maintained.

Aspects Care Homes is a professional organisation specialising in providing high quality care and support workers to a diverse range of Service Users.

Our key objective is to ensure the provision of a comprehensive range of professional care and support services. In order for this to happen we rely on our staff to provide a professional service.

We are proud of the reputation that we have built but we are always mindful that it is dependent on the people who work with us, and our service users.

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