Montague Court

Montague Court

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“The staff are here every day to help me and they help me do everything I need.”

“The staff are very patient and now they are helping me to know about my money.”

“All the staff are respectful. They are even respectful to me.”

“I get to see the same staff which makes me feel more confident. They understand what I need advice about.”

Aspects House

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“You can see from the way staff work with me they are well trained. They Staff are amazing. They understand how to motivate me and how to work with me. I fear for the day when I have to leave the home.”

“They Staff actively encourage my family member to make decisions. Nothing is decided without them.”

“There is always something going on. Unlike other homes I’ve seen they don’t just sit around doing nothing. They do things they enjoy and are meaningful.”

“Family friendly place – lovely atmosphere.”

Avalon House

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“Staff made me feel comfortable and are warm and welcoming. I wake up happy.”

“The staff are friendly, kind and helpful, they know what to do to support us.”

“The staff support me with my medicines and I’m working towards total independence.”

“I feel safe and respected.”

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